Sir Leonidas Capone Grillo

Posh Paws Bellmore - Bossman

As a demanding, yet charming, Chocolate Parti Pomeranian, Capone is “founder” and boss of Posh Paws Pet Spa. After attending college with his mom, it was made clear that Capone would not be left at any groomer whom did not derive from his kingdom. Thus, his college education would lead him to expanding his reign in operating a salon of his own. In his old age, Sir Capone can usually be found napping throughout various places in the salon.

Talia N. Vertuccio

Posh Paws Bellmore - Grooming Apprentice

Hi! My name is Talia and I’ve loved dogs for as long as I can remember. I love all animals but I’ve always known I wanted to work with dogs one way or another. My career started in 2017 when I began working at a daycare & boarding facility. This is when my love for caring for pets really blossomed and I truly enjoyed making pets clean and fresh for their families to pick them up. I discovered my passion for grooming and began pursuing my dream. My favorite thing in the world is making connections with these beautiful babies. As grooming can potentially be highly stressful, making them feel comfort and loved is a big part of establishing a connection with the dogs I get to work with. Your dogs will always be safe with me.

I do this for Candy, Loki, Kaia, Beau, Frank, Odin, Lily, Roc and Piglet.