A la Carte

All A la Carte services can be completed as a stand-alone service or added onto a grooming appointment.

  • Nail Clipping- Stand alone service of trimming your dog’s nails.
  • Nail Filing- Add on to any groom to file your pet’s nails. Nail filing gets your dog’s nails smooth and as short as possible. For dogs with long quick’s (veins) in their nails, nail filing will cause that vein to recede allowing your groomer to get your pet’s nails shorter each time they visit our salon.
  • Pawdicure- Stand alone service of nail clipping AND filing.
  • Teeth Brushing- Add on to any groom to brush your pet’s teeth during their bath.
  • Shampoo Upgrade- Add on to any groom. Upgrade shampoo options include oatmeal shampoo for dry skin or hypoallergenic shampoo for pets with sensitive skin.
  • All Upgrades Special – Add on to any groom to include nail filing, teeth brushing AND an upgraded shampoo.
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